A DataSet is an object that can request dynamic data at runtime. Thanks to the underlying technology Creo is able to show dynamic data directly at design time without running your app.

A DataSet object can be created starting from the Objects pane. Several objects can be treated as a DataSet, for example Databases, HTTPClient, BTCentral, Location, Motion and many others. Please note that we are working on finalizing some DataSet so not all classes will be available in this first beta versions.

Once a class has been dropped into the Design Board then a configurator will appear and it will enable you to configure the connection/settings for that class.

Database configurator example:

HTTPClient configurator example:

Once configured the object will appear in the container where it has been instantiated and new queries and connections can be added:

Query configurator for a database object:

Once you have configured the main object (PostgreSQL1 in the example) and the child (Query1 in the example) you are ready to bound your dynamic DataSet to any control that accepts a DataSet in its inspector.

If you filled all the required information then Creo will be able to connect to that DataSet and show data in realtime into the Design Board. Please refers to the example to learn more about how to setup a dynamic DataSet.

A DataSet can also be represented by folders inside the Assets/Documents directory. Each folder will be automatically available as a DataSet without any further configuration.

An ebook for example can be created in few minutes if you bound a folder from Assets to a PageContainer control: