GIF/MP4 creation

Starting from Creo 2.4 there is now support for GIF/MP4 movie creation starting from a series of static Images

Create GIF/MP4movie

The core functionalities are included in two API:

  • Movie.createMP4
  • Movie.createGIF

In this example we'll use a List of path to Images (instead of a List of Images) because it makes a much better use of memory resources.

// Create the input List
var r = ["path_to_image1.jpg",

// Setup completion closure
func completion (result: Bool, error: String) {
    Console.write("\(result) \(error)")

// Setup output paths
var output1 = "/Users/marco/Pictures/CameraRoll/movie.mp4";
var output2 = "/Users/marco/Pictures/CameraRoll/movie.gif";

// Perform conversions
Movie.createMP4(r, output1, 4, completion)
Movie.createGIF(r, output2, 0, 0.2, completion)

The resulting MP4 can be displayed in a MoviePlayer control, while the GIF file can be displayed in an ImageView using the following code:

// output2 is the path to the GIF file
var img = Image.loadGIF(output2);
ImageView1.image = img