Local notifications

Schedule a local notification

var id = "Identifier1"
var title = "Title"
var delay = 3

// id, title and delay (in seconds) are required parameters
App.scheduleNotification(id, title, delay)  

Schedule a local notification with all options set

var notificationIdentifier = "Identifier1" // required
var title = "Title"    // required
var delay = 3 // in seconds, required
var body = "Body" // optional
var subtitle = "Subtitle" // optional
var badge = 3 // optional
var userInfo = ["key1": "value1", "key2": "value2"] // optional
var threadIdentifier = "ThreadIdentifier1" // optional
var actions = [["identifier": "Identifier1", "title": "Action1"], ["identifier": "Identifier2", "title": "Action2"]] // optional
var repeats = false // optional

App.scheduleNotification(notificationIdentifier, title, delay, body, subtitle, badge, userInfo, threadIdentifier, actions, repeats)  

Remove a pending local notification

var notificationIdentifier = "Identifier1"

Remove all pending local notifications


Remove a delivered local notification

var notificationIdentifier = "Identifier1"

Remove all delivered local notifications