Gesture Recognizer


  • A gesture-recognizer object decouples the logic for recognizing a sequence of touches (or other input) and acting on that recognition. When one of these objects recognizes a common gesture or, in some cases, a change in the gesture, it sends an action message to each designated target object.



  • None

1 Create a new empty Creo project and drop a OvalShape object into the Design Board. Then change its thickness to 0.0 and set a fill color you like: gesture-recognizer
2 Drop a PanGesture object from the Gestures objects into Window1: gesture-recognizer
3 Now select your OvalShape1 object and go to the Gesture inspector panel. Check the "User Interaction" flag and connect the gesture PanGesture1 to the OvalShape1 object (pressing the + button): gesture-recognizer
4 We now have PanGesture1 bound to the OvalShape1 object, so lets configure the gesture now. We need a property to store a temporary value so the first thing to do is to add a public refFrame property to the OvalShape1 object. Just select it, open the Code Editor and add that property: gesture-recognizer
5 Now select the PanGesture1 object and in its Action even write the following code:

			// at the began of the gesture, save the original frame into an object property
			if (self.state == GestureRecognizerState.Began) {
				OvalShape1.refFrame = OvalShape1.frame.copy();
			// each time the gesture state changes, copy the new frame to a temporary variable
			// (remember that in Gravity everything is an object but in this case we need to
			// explicitly make a copy), then translate absolute coordinates to coordinates
			// local to the Window1 and finally apply the changes to the OvalShape1 frame (to
			// move the original object)
			if (self.state == GestureRecognizerState.Changed) {
				var frame = OvalShape1.refFrame.copy();
				var t = self.translationInView(Window1)
				frame.x += t.x;
				frame.y += t.y;
				OvalShape1.frame = frame;

6 That's all you need in order to have a fully functional Assets browser app. Press RUN and enjoy the app! Gesture Recognizer Run
You can now send the app to CreoPlayer or build it and then submit to the App Store.