super: Object

This class is reserved and cannot be directly instantiated.


  • DidStart() Event raised when DataSet started retrieving data.

  • NewValue(value: Object) Event raised when a new value becomes available.

  • DidFinish() Event raised when DataSet finished retrieving data.

  • DidFail() Event raised in case of DataSet error.


  • var treeData: Bool Used to check if DataSet is representing complex hierarchical data. (read-only)

  • var value: Object Used to retrieve current DataSet value. (read-only)

  • var running: Bool Used to check if DataSet is running. (read-only)

  • var cancelled: Bool Used to check if DataSet has been cancelled. (read-only)

  • var error: String Last Error message. (read-only)


  • func run() Start current DataSet.

  • func stop() Stop current DataSet.

  • func valueForKeyPath(baseKeyPath: String, row: Int, keyPath: String): Object Retrieve DataSet value based on combination of key path.