super: Object

The metadata of a recognized object.


  • Load() This event is called when the object becames available in the current runtime system.

  • Unload() This event is called when the object has been removed from the current runtime system (but not yet deallocated).


  • var type: MachineReadableObjectType The type of the metadata object. (read-only)

  • var frame: Rect The frame of the object in the camera preview. (read-only)

  • var value: String The string value created by decoding the binary payload according to the format of the machine readable code. Returns nil if a string representation cannot be created from the payload.. (read-only)

  • var objectName: String The name of the object.



  • .AztecCode
  • .Code128Code
  • .Code39Code
  • .Code39Mod43Code
  • .Code93Code
  • .DataMatrixCode
  • .EAN13Code
  • .EAN8Code
  • .ITF14Code
  • .Interleaved2of5Code
  • .PDF417Code
  • .QRCode
  • .UPCECode