super: UIView (on iOS)

A MoviePlayer manages the playback of a movie from a file or a network stream. Playback occurs in a view owned by the movie player and takes place either fullscreen or inline.


  • Load() This event is called when the object becames available in the current runtime system.

  • WillShow() The view is about to be added to the App's views hierarchy.

  • WillHide() The view is about to be removed from the App's views hierarchy.

  • DidEnterFullscreen() Posted when the movie player has entered full-screen mode.

  • DidExitFromFullscreen() Posted when the movie player has exited full-screen mode.

  • DurationAvailable() Posted when the duration of the movie has been determined.

  • NowPlayingMovieDidChange() Posted when the currently playing movie has changed.

  • PlaybackDidFinish() Posted when the movie has finished playing.

  • PlaybackStateDidChange() Posted when the movie player's playback state has changed.

  • DidShow() The view has been added to the App's views hierarchy.

  • DidHide() The view has been removed from the App's views hierarchy.

  • Unload() This event is called when the object has been removed from the current runtime system (but not yet deallocated).


  • var contentPath: String The path/URL that points to the local/remote movie file.

  • var movie: Movie Use this property to set the content from a Movie object from the Assets library.

  • var isPreparedToPlay: Bool Returns true if prepared for playback, otherwise false. (read-only)

  • var currentPlaybackTime: Float The current playback time of the now playing item in seconds.

  • var currentPlaybackRate: Float The current playback rate of the now playing item. Default is 1.0 (normal speed). Pausing will set the rate to 0.0. Setting the rate to non-zero implies playing.

  • var scalingMode: MovieScalingMode The scaling mode to use when displaying the movie.

  • var showsPlaybackControls: Bool A Boolean value that indicates whether the player view controller shows playback controls.

  • var duration: Float The duration of the movie, measured in seconds. (read-only)

  • var playableDuration: Float The amount of currently playable content. (read-only)

  • var playbackState: MoviePlaybackState The current playback state of the movie player. (read-only)

  • var endPlaybackTime: Float The end time (measured in seconds) for playback of the movie.

  • var shouldAutoplay: Bool A Boolean that indicates whetever a movie should begin playback automatically.

  • var readyForDisplay: Bool A Boolean that indicates whetever the first video frame of the movie is ready to be displayed. (read-only)

  • var objectName: String The name of the object.


  • func play() Plays items from the current queue, resuming paused playback if possible.

  • func pause() Pauses playback if playing.

  • func stop() Ends playback. Calling -play again will start from the beginnning of the queue.

  • func beginSeekingForward() .

  • func beginSeekingBackward() .

  • func endSeeking() .

  • func animate(duration: Float, delay: Float, options: AnimationOption, animations: Closure, completion: Closure) Animate changes to one or more views using the specified duration, delay, options and completion handler.

  • func setFocus() Force focus to be set to the selected control. For TextField and TextView that means force Keyboard to appear.

  • func clearFocus() Clear focus from selected control



  • .AspectFill
  • .AspectFit
  • .Fill


  • .Paused
  • .Playing
  • .SeekingBackward
  • .SeekingForward
  • .Stopped


  • .AllowAnimatedContent
  • .AllowUserInteraction
  • .Autoreverse
  • .BeginFromCurrentState
  • .CurveEaseIn
  • .CurveEaseInOut
  • .CurveEaseOut
  • .CurveLinear
  • .LayoutSubviews
  • .OverrideInheritedCurve
  • .OverrideInheritedDuration
  • .OverrideInheritedOptions
  • .Repeat
  • .ShowHideTransitionViews
  • .TransitionCrossDissolve
  • .TransitionCurlDown
  • .TransitionCurlUp
  • .TransitionFlipFromBottom
  • .TransitionFlipFromLeft
  • .TransitionFlipFromRight
  • .TransitionFlipFromTop
  • .TransitionNone