Represents a line (with an optional shadow).


Best practices

  • Use the line shape control in your user interface to separates a control between different sections of the user interface.

How to use

  1. Drop a LineShape control from the object panel to a Window
  2. Use the LineShape Inspector to customize its properties like Line Orientation and Line Color

`LineShape` inspector The inspector where the LineShape class can be configured.


  1. Drop a Button control from the object panel to a Window
  2. Open the Code Editor
  3. Select the Action item inside the Events area and write your custom code in the Code Editor
    LineShape1.isHorizontal = false
    LineShape1.lineColor =

Most important properties

Several UI aspects can be configured in the LineShape class but the isHorizontal and lineColor are the most commons to be configured.

  • isHorizontal: Flag to set line position from horizontal to vertical.
  • lineColor: Main line color.


LineShape class reference contains a complete list of properties and methods that can be used to customize a LineShape object.