Transfer to a Device

Once you created an IPA executable using Development Distribution as Package Distribution option you can transfer it to your USB connected device using one of the following methods:

  • iTunes: Just follow these instructions in you have iTunes 12.6 or older. Apple removes Apps section from iTunes starting from version 12.7. Creo
  • Xcode: From the Window menu select "Devices and Simulators" then just drop your IPA file to the Installed Apps section. Creo
  • Apple Configurator 2: Download Apple Configurator 2 from MacOS App Store. Connect your iOS device to your Mac and then double click on the device icon. Select the Apps section and then drop your IPA file. Creo
  • ios-deploy: It is an open source command line tool that can be installed from Once installed execute ios-deploy -d -b myapp.ipa