A picker includes one or more scrollable lists of distinct values, each of which has a single selected value—appearing in darker text in the center of the view. A picker is often displayed at the bottom of the screen or in a popover when the user is editing a field or tapping a menu. Pickers can also appear inline, such as while editing a date in a Calendar event. The height of a picker is roughly the height of five rows of list values. The width of a picker is either the width of the screen or its enclosing view, depending on the device and context.


Best practices

  • Use predictable and logically ordered values. Many values in a picker may be hidden when the scrollable lists are stationary. It's best when people can predict what these values are, such as with a list of alphabetized countries, so they can move through the lists quickly.
  • Avoid switching screens to show a picker. A picker works well when displayed in context, below or in close proximity to the field being edited.
  • Use a table instead of a picker for large value lists. Long lists can be tedious to navigate in a picker. A table has adjustable height and can include an index, making scrolling much faster.

How to use

  1. Drop a PickerView control from the object panel to a Window
  2. Use the PickerView Inspector to customize its properties like Size, DataSet, and KeyPath

If you need to write code for PickerView:

  1. Open the Code Editor
  2. Select the DidSelectCell item inside the Events area and write your custom code in the Code Editor

`PickerView` inspector The inspector where the PickerView class can be configured.


  1. Open the Code Editor
  2. Select the Changed item inside the Events area and write your custom code in the Code Editor
    Console.write("PickerView Column: \(column) Row: \(row)")

Most important properties

Several UI aspects can be configured in the PickerView class but the dataSet is the most common to be configured.

  • dataSet: The dataset object provides information that PickerView needs to construct its content.


PickerView class reference contains a complete list of properties and methods that can be used to customize a PickerView object.