A picker includes one or more scrollable lists of distinct values, each of which has a single selected value—appearing in darker text in the center of the view. A picker is often displayed at the bottom of the screen or in a popover when the user is editing a field or tapping a menu. Pickers can also appear inline, such as while editing a date in a Calendar event. The height of a picker is roughly the height of five rows of list values. The width of a picker is either the width of the screen or its enclosing view, depending on the device and context.


Best practices

  • Use predictable and logically ordered values. Many values in a picker may be hidden when the scrollable lists are stationary. It's best when people can predict what these values are, such as with a list of alphabetized countries, so they can move through the lists quickly.
  • Avoid switching screens to show a picker. A picker works well when displayed in context, below or in close proximity to the field being edited.
  • Use a table instead of a picker for large value lists. Long lists can be tedious to navigate in a picker. A table has adjustable height and can include an index, making scrolling much faster.

How to use

  1. Drop a PickerView control from the object panel to a Window
  2. Use the PickerView Inspector to customize its properties like Size, DataSet, and KeyPath

If you need to write code for PickerView:

  1. Open the Code Editor (cmd + 6)
  2. Select the DidSelectCell item inside the Events area and write your custom code in the Code Editor

`PickerView` inspector The inspector where the PickerView class can be configured.


  1. Open the Code Editor (cmd + 6)
  2. Select the Changed item inside the Events area and write your custom code in the Code Editor
    Console.write("PickerView Column: \(column) Row: \(row)")

Most important properties

Several UI aspects can be configured in the PickerView class but the dataSet is the most common to be configured.

  • dataSet: The dataset object provides information that PickerView needs to construct its content.


PickerView class reference contains a complete list of properties and methods that can be used to customize a PickerView object.