Version History

Creo 1.1.7October 9th 2018 (Build 15242)

  • Several UI fixes for 10.14 Mojave
  • Improved TableView
  • Improved Label, TextField and TextView
  • Improved SQLite support
  • Navigation has been renamed to NavigationBar
  • A lot of other internal fixes and improvements
  • An updated CreoPlayer app should be available via TestFlight within the next 48 hours

Creo 1.1.6September 26th 2018 (Build 15134)

  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved DataSet selection from Inspectors
  • Improved HTTPClient JSON handling
  • Improved PageContainer
  • Improved InputView support
  • Added support for new iPhone XR/XS/XS Max devices
  • Added support for custom url in Application
  • Fixed a potential crash bug introduced in 1.1.5 version
  • Fixed some potential issue due to race conditions
  • A lot of other internal fixes and improvements
  • An updated CreoPlayer app should be available via TestFlight within the next 48 hours

Creo 1.1.5September 19th 2018 (Build 15032)

  • Added Search panel
  • Greatly improved compiler and runtime error reporting
  • SQLite databases can now be automatically copied on a read-write directory on real iOS devices
  • Added a new Advanced preference to control message sent to NULL behaviours
  • Application events are now correctly raised within the Simulator
  • Console.write on a real device now log directly to system log
  • Added the ability to schedule local notifications
  • Added the NetworkReachability class to check the network status
  • Added Device.vibrate() method
  • Fixed an issue with Large Title in NavigationBar
  • Fixed an issue with WebView
  • Fixed minor issues with TableView header and footer
  • A lot of other internal fixes and improvements
  • An updated CreoPlayer app should be available via TestFlight within the next 48 hours

Creo 1.1.1September 10th 2018 (Build 14655)

  • Fixed several ScrollView issues (introduced in the 1.1.0 version). These issues affect several controls like PickerView, DatePicker and TableView.
  • Increased compatibility with the upcoming MacOS 10.14 Mojave release.

Creo 1.1.0September 7th 2018 (Build 14633)

  • Added support for Safe Area (with preview)
  • Added new DatabaseRecord class
  • Added Toolbar item subnodes to NavigationBar
  • New inspectors for all objects
  • New subnodes added to several controls
  • Improved Simulator performance
  • Several fixes and enhancements to ScrollView
  • Several fixes to PickerView
  • Several fixes to SQLite database built-in inspector
  • Several fixes to TableView
  • Fix for SystemButton in iPhone X
  • Fix for BezierPath image method
  • Fix for RefreshControl position in NavigationBar
  • Tons of others internal fixes and improvements
  • CreoPlayer has been updated and it is now available through the TestFlight program

Creo 1.0.8July 31st 2018 (Build 14201)

  • Improved NavigationBar class with new blur layer and others internal improvements
  • Improved Window class with exposed firstResponder and new methods to convert from/to the Window's view coordinate system
  • Improved TableView
  • Improved Open/OpenIn/OpenModal methods
  • Improved ChartView
  • Improved Map with new Annotations related methods and properties
  • Improved performance for large projects
  • Added an optional closure parameter to the Open method (that will be executed by the newly opened Window/Navigation)
  • Exposed autoresizingMask property to all UIView subclasses
  • Fixed an issue with ExposedEvents
  • Fixed an issue with Image class
  • Others internal improvements and fixes
  • New documentation engine at Users can submit examples, articles or any other improvement via our new public GitHub repo.

Creo 1.0.7July 19th 2018 (Build 14057)

  • Improved WebView
  • Improved String.split method and added new String.replace and String.contains methods
  • Exposed idleTimerDisabled Boolean flag to App instance
  • Improved TextField and SearchBar
  • Added Map annotation basic implementation
  • Improved syntax error line recognition
  • Fixed colorBorder property
  • Various fixes and improvements to PageScroll and PageCurl
  • Various fixes and improvements to TabBar and NavigationBar
  • Added a workaround for iPad multitasking not yet supported
  • Improved iOS app build process
  • Various fixes and improvements to TableView
  • Exposed new Application type setting
  • Various fixes and improvements to the Property List editor
  • Fix for Exposed Events
  • Others internal improvements

Creo 1.0.6July 12th 2018 (Build 13963)

  • Fixed a crash with some combination characters in the code editor
  • Added the ability to execute JavaScript from the WebView (and callback Gravity code)
  • Added setFocus/clearFocus method to controls
  • Fixed Actions Inspector for non UI objects
  • Added address property to MapView
  • New useful properties added to Device and App objects
  • Fixed an issue with mySQL TEXT field recognized as BLOB
  • Fixed the status bar properties of the App object
  • Various fixes and improvements to the HTTPClient Request class
  • Fix for deleted gesture recognizer
  • Others internal improvements

Creo 1.0.5July 6th 2018 (Build 13895)

  • Fixed an issue in generated apps with a registered Creo version
  • Added format method to Date class (with an example in documentation)
  • Improved autocompletion
  • Build your app tutorial has been updated with a new "Submit your app to the App Store" section and an "Apple Configurator 2" tutorial
  • Others internal improvements

Creo 1.0.4July 5th 2018 (Build 13884)

  • Fixed an issue in Preferences.write method
  • Fixed an issue with local html files and WebView
  • Fixed an issue with Database.execute
  • Fixed an issue with labelsColumn parameter of ChartView
  • Spotify tutorial has been updated
  • Others internal improvements

Creo 1.0.3July 3rd 2018 (Build 13867)

  • CreoPlayer is now available through the TestFlight program
  • Added a new Properties and Privacy panel
  • Added support for class properties and methods in custom classes
  • Improved StatusBar support
  • Exposed anchorPoint property in Inspector Geometry
  • Fixed an issue with application builder and the Development Distribution target
  • Fixed the default redirect callback url scheme for oAuth1 and oAuth2 in HTTPClient class. The new uri is com.creolabs.creo://oauth2Callback
  • Several crashes has been fixed thanks to the feedback from our users
  • Several others internal fixes and improvements

Creo 1.0.2June 21st 2018 (Build 13657)

  • Added TestFlight support
  • Small improvements in the Animation panel
  • Improved performance of ImageView control
  • Fixed some issues related to iOS lower than 11.0
  • Fixed a crash issue in the Action panel

Creo 1.0.1June 18th 2018 (Build 13630)

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a gradient was saved in favourites
  • Fixed a crash that can occurs when zoom factor in multi-screen environments was returned as zero
  • Improved multi display support
  • Fixed an issue in TabBar controller
  • Added a new Advanced panel in Preferences to check if beta versions should be checked in in-app updates
  • Custom subclasses now correctly expose events from super class (more work needs to be done)
  • Added a workaround for a 10.14 issue (as a result the Font class cannot be directly used in 10.14)

Creo 1.0.0June 13th 2018 (Build 13600)

  • First official release
  • CreoPlayer version 1.1 or higher is now required