How Creo Works

Let's try to answer the question: what is a mobile application? If you think a bit about mobile development or software development in general, you'll end up with a very simple answer. It is a user interface, connected with some data.

Creo offers an intuitive and efficient way to build mobile applications using these three main components:

  1. A very intuitive Drag and Drop system that lets you build application's user interfaces in a very intuitive way.
  2. A powerful DataSet subsystem that enables you to read and write data from a different variety of sources like network, databases, files, Bluetooth devices, sensors, camera and many others.
  3. A very intuitive Events based system where you can write the connection code between your user interface objects and your data objects.


Creo is a next generation tool that lets you combine design and development in order to build better applications in a fraction of time compared to traditional tools.