Every object that can read and/or write data is a subclass of the DataSet class, more generally a DataSet is an object that can request dynamic data at runtime. Thanks to its underlying technology Creo is able to show dynamic data directly at design time without running your app.

A DataSet object can be created just dragging a Class from the Objects pane: Creo

Several objects implement the DataSet specs, for example Assets, Databases, HTTPClient (REST), BTCentral, Location, Motion and many others. We prepared detailed tutorials that show you how to create, configure and use each of them:


Controls that can accept data are bound to a Built-in DataSet which is a static representation of the data that can be displayed. A static built-in DataSet is represented by a DataGrid which is equivalent to an Excel/Numbers spreadsheet that you can fill with your data. Static data can be edited just double clicking over the control in the Design Board. Creo