Version History

Version 1.0b5.6 Build 5310 (December 07 2016)


  • Fixed an issue with ImageView control

Version 1.0b5.5 Build 5306 (December 05 2016)


  • Rectangle class new border settings
  • Improved AugmentedReality control
  • Added support for app Preferences and Themes
  • Improvements to CodeEditor
  • Location manager fixes
  • Fixes related to SQLite databases
  • Improved Bluetooth classes
  • Other fixes and general stability improvements


  • Small internal changes


  • Enabled file sharing from iTunes
  • Merged latest CREOKit


  • New UTF-8 aware lexer

Version 1.0b5.4 Build 5257 (November 17 2016)


  • Map control is now based on Apple Maps (works only on MacOS Sierra 10.12 or higher)
  • Fixed a small issue with SQLite Database Inspector
  • Fixed an issue in code generation where Assets subclasses was not rendered properly
  • Various cosmetic fixes to inspectors
  • Added border style option to rect inspector
  • Added support for sqlite in-memory databases
  • Better undo support for control properties set by inspector
  • Various fixes to enable binding from the Binding Utility window
  • Database operations are now guarantee to be non-blocking async
  • Location: minor internal fixes
  • BluetoothCentral: multiple improvements
  • BluetoothPeripheral: multiple improvements
  • Other fixes and general stability improvements
  • This version requires CreoPlayer version 1.0.1 (build 5266)


  • Fix to avoid multiple invocation of viewWillAppear event when dismissing a modal ViewController from a navigation controller
  • UIPickerView : multiple fixes
  • UIDatePicker: multiple fixes
  • UITableView: fix for cell selection and simple implementation for insert/delete rows (to be enhanced)
  • UIRefreshControl: minor internal fix


  • Fix for a crash on the iOS Player caused by the USB communication channel
  • Merged latest CREOKit with new async databases and Apple based map control
  • Added a new Waiting for a Creo project view

Version 1.0b5.3 Build 5198 (October 28 2016)


  • Improved Chinese support in filenames
  • Added a new Feedback dialog under Help menu
  • Fixed open method
  • Fixed some crashes when closing Simulator while some controls are running
  • Fixed a crash related to URL based resources
  • Fixed a crash in Color panel selection
  • Fixed crashes in SQLite database configurator
  • Fixed crashes in HTTPConnection
  • Fixed crashes in Carousel
  • Fixed crashes in ImageView
  • Fixed crashes in TabBar
  • Fixed crashes in Button
  • Fixed crashes in TextField
  • Fixed crashes in SearchBar
  • Fixed crashes in Binding inspector pane
  • Fixed crashes in Animation panel
  • Fixed crashes in PageScroll
  • Fixed crashes in CustomView
  • Fixed crashes in Exposed properties inspector pane
  • Fixed crashes in Binding
  • Fixed crashes in DesignBoard
  • Several issues fixed in DataSet
  • Several fixes for retain cycles
  • Other fixes and general stability improvements

Version 1.0b5.2 Build 5152 (October 20 2016)


  • Fixed a WebView crash issue
  • Multiple crash issues fixed
  • Several fixes for retain cycles
  • now works correctly
  • SQLite database inspector fix for table constraint syntax
  • Fixed reset cursor for guides
  • Added a warning when opening old unsupported projects files
  • Fixed some crashes with markdown in WebView
  • Fixed a crash with HTTPServer
  • Fixed an exception with unsupported custom view properties inspector
  • Other internal improvements and fixes


  • Improved runtime errors

Version 1.0b5 Build 5131 (October 18 2016)


  • Added Pull to Refresh to TableView control
  • Added markdown support to and improved Label, TextField, TextView and WebView
  • Exposed html property in WebView control
  • Updated and improved Application class
  • Updated and improved Image class
  • Updated and improved Color class
  • Updated and improved Font class
  • Updated and improved Gradient class
  • Updated and improved Sound class
  • Updated and improved Animation class
  • Updated and improved ImageView control
  • Updated and improved TextField control
  • Updated and improved TextView control
  • Updated and improved Toggle control
  • Updated and improved Label control
  • Updated and improved TableView control
  • Updated and improved ActivityIndicator control
  • Updated and improved Button control
  • Updated and improved CollectionView control
  • Updated and improved CustomView control
  • Updated and improved ScrollView control
  • Updated and improved Navigation navigation
  • Updated and improved SplitView navigation
  • Updated and improved TabBar navigation
  • Improved CodeEditor (not yet finalized)
  • Improved Actions (not yet finalized)
  • Upgraded Creo UI in several parts
  • Greatly improved bridge between Gravity and Creo
  • Greatly improved CREOKit
  • Improvements in assets management
  • Added initial documentation support
  • Tons of other stability and enhancements


  • UITextField: fix for secure version
  • UITextView: fix for infinte loop
  • UIScrollView: fix for boundsConfinedOffset method when the alwaysBounce and the content size is smaller than the view size
  • Gestures: fix for touch point conversion in the touched view (and touch delta) in landscape orientation
  • UITableView: fix for section heights for the latest iOS
  • UIView: fix for disabled animations
  • UIView: fix for setFrame with NaN values
  • UINavigationController and UINavigationBar: fixes for subviews frame and animations
  • UINavigationController and UINavigationBar: improvements needed for the implementation of the UISplitViewController which uses a navigation controller inside another navigation controller
  • UINavigationController: fix for the navigation item to work exactly like the real iOS object
  • UINavigationController: fix for a retain cycle
  • UIBarButtonItem and related classes: fixes for size and origin values
  • UIBarButtonItem and related classes: fixes for back button appearance
  • UIBarButtonItem and related classes: improvements for latest UIBarMetrics values
  • UIViewController: fixes for automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets
  • UISplitViewController: new implementation
  • Improved StatusBar control
  • Improved UIResponded and several fixes applied
  • UITextView: fix to recalculate the text size for the new UITextView frame
  • UITextView: fix for resizing the contentSize with the size of the inner NSTextView which resizes itself with the space needed by the text plus the configured vertical inset. it resizes when the text did change
  • UITextView: fix to match the real iOS behaviour, so the text cursor and the keyboard are only shown after a tap gesture, otherwise the user can scroll it by dragging it
  • UIViewController is now in the touches responder chain as documented by Apple
  • UIEventMonitor: fix for being able to drag the pointer (for example to use controls like the slider) when the keyboard is shown
  • Implemented new UIRefreshControl
  • UIScrollView: fix to enable the animated setContentInsets
  • UIScrollView: fix for the animation curve
  • UIScrollView: fix for the bouncing opposing force
  • Tons of other stability and enhancements


  • Improved enum and import support
  • Added support for custom getter and setter
  • Added support for access specifiers
  • Added support for new memory managed (both manual and garbage collector)
  • Fix superclass hierarchy loading in both compiler and deserializer
  • Fix to avoid crashes when parsing instructions like: x += 1
  • Greatly improved objc/swift bridge
  • Various UTF-8 fixes
  • Added support for inline closures without specify any keyword
  • Tons of other fixes and improvements

Version 1.0b4.2 Build 4797 (April 20 2016)

  • Fixed a corruption issue due to an unsigned library
  • Added new UI for assets manager (still a work in progress)

1.0b4.1 Build 4791 (April 12 2016)

  • Added a new application icon configurator
  • Added a new splash image configurator
  • Added the ability to delete methods and properties
  • Fix to enable animations in CustomView
  • UIButton fix for disabled state
  • UITableView fix for background color
  • UIScrollbar improved
  • UIPickerView improved and a crash bug fixed
  • UIScrollView fix for incorrect contentOffset behaviour
  • Other fixes and minor improvements

Version 1.0b4 Build 4764 (March 17, 2016)

  • Added support for OAuth1 and OAuth2 to HTTPClient
  • New built-in SQLite table editor
  • New Log console window
  • UIButton improved
  • UITextView and UITextField improved
  • UIScrollbar improved
  • Fix for navigations inside navigations hierarchy
  • Fix for a crash in binding
  • A lot more other fixes and improvements

Version 1.0b3.2 Build 4685 (February 25, 2016)

  • Fixed a last minute crash bug in the new WebView

Version 1.0b3.1 Build 4682 (February 25, 2016)

  • Added support for Sketch files
  • New icons for files inside Assets and Documents
  • UIWebView on MacOS rewritten using WKWebKit (was WebView)
  • Greatly improved HTTPClient
  • Various internal fixes to CREOKit
  • Improved rotations
  • Improved CustomViews
  • Improved SQLite database
  • Fixed code generation for navigation hierarchies
  • Fixed some issues related to TextView
  • Added schema/table support for all sql databases
  • Fixed an UIWindow issues that leads to have black CustomViews and SplitViews
  • Fixed a compiler issue that prevents to discover methods declared by user inside the same object
  • A lot of other fixes and improvements

Version 1.0b2 Build 4630 (February 08, 2016)

  • Fixed visualization issues on non retina Mac
  • Fixed an issue that prevents animation pane to correctly work
  • Fixed some issues related to landscape mode
  • Added support for virtual keyboards
  • Added windows specialized by orientation and device
  • Added iPad Pro support
  • Added initial support for Actions inspector
  • UIWindow has now a black background on simulation
  • SQL databases are now writable
  • Tons of crash bugs fixed
  • A lot of other fixes and improvements

Version 1.0b1 Build 4558 (January 18, 2016)

  • First beta release